Nobody (jodarby) wrote in world_issues,

More Killed in Iraq

Another grisly weekend in Iraq. Five dead so far. Twenty-seven for the month. And very little mention on the news.

There seems very little progress thus far in stabilizing the country.

And the latest report on the intelligence available prior to the war makes the decision to fight seem very wrong-headed.

And not the insurgency drags on and on.

George Bush can't point to victory there so long as troops die at the rate of one or two or more a day. Some might argue that the U.S. have sustained losses greater than this in other conflicts but that doesn't lessen the disgust that it is happening continuously and forever into the future.

Tony Blair and George Bush went far beyond what intelligence agencies were saying about Iraq. And now, they should answer their critics about how reliable their evidence was instead of saying they were right and everyone else was wrong.
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