Nobody (jodarby) wrote in world_issues,

Another crappy weekend... the Middle East that is. Four dead soldiers in Afganistan, four dead in Iraq, journalists dead, Iraqi police dead, Iraqi leaders attacked, terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia leaving at least 16 dead.

For the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. there will be much remembrance of what the U.S. did in World War 2.

Will be people think the same of the Iraq campaign in particular? How many years of insurgency war in Iraq will Americans stomach? Already the numbers of soldiers killed surpasses the number that died in Vietnam after a similar amount of time in country.

The supposed turnover of power in June seems fairly dubious.

As for security in the U.S., what was John Ashcroft thinking? Calling a terrorist warning on unreliable information. Where was Tom Ridge?

It might be a long hot summer of instability.
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